Winter hate

Snow! Ice! Everywhere!

Astma called it from snowy Sweden and we'd love to be there selling lots of Santastic wintry tours at this time of year! When In Winter Tours? Very few people travel to Rome in winter time and those who do come for football. No sun, no fun. Seasonal relocation has not been discussed but never sleigh never.

Tumbleweed drifts around every piazza, monument, and frozen fountain in Rome between the not very merry months of November and February, it's miserable and it reminds me of Russia. As chance would have it, there has been a big increase in shopping tourists from Putinland in 2014, they splash out on designer goods which can be bought in any other capital city and don't book as many tours as they should, end of sentence.

In truth, the prospect of developing Christmas tours sends icy shivers down my spine. It is inordinately tough to "get bums on seats" (pardon the ragged expression) in Rome in December. It is most unlikely that even an overly generous sprinkling of seasonal stardust on our website would brighten my bosses day on any day in December, in January, and most of February too.

So what to do? Code snowflakes (not frosties, nor cornflakes) on our home page? No. Add holly and ivy clip art to our photos? No. If it was my decision, I would forsake the perceived necessity of earning a couple of thousand festive euros and propose free introductory Rome tours instead, "free" for those who would be willing to write about their experience with us on our website, on TripAdvisor, or elsewhere. Donations welcome.

Safe passage through this time of year, the trickiest of seasons for sea-level tour operators in Europe, is always work-in-progress. We don't hate winter, we simply struggle to sell tours in arctic conditions. Our plight is not unique, wide open spaces around the Colosseum and St. Peter's Basilica testify to the fact that chrimbo in Rome is a no-go for most travellers. It's when tour guides meet the bank manager they never knew they had, it's when I hunt high and low for my draft tour description of "Rome by Reindeer". Brrrr.

Published on November 13th, 2014
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