Which Vatican tour guide when in Rome?

Now there's a question!

Variance. Now there's a word. Variance of service standards in the important business of Vatican tours is off the sanity scale. If you choose unwisely, your Vatican tour will be insanely bad, any trip to TripAdvisor illustrates this unfortunate fact. If you prepare your Roman holiday well by booking a Vatican tour online in advance, you'll avoid the somewhat "dodgy" world of Rome tourism on the ground, which invariably thrives around St. Peter's Square between June and October.

If you've visited the Vatican City before, you'll already know that choice of Vatican tour guide is not an issue when one approaches the dome of St. Peter's Basilica from any direction. If not, read on.

Gazillions of international promoters occupy every nook, cranny, corner and crevice of the Vatican City these days, and for every 25 of them, there'll assuredly be at least one Vatican tour guide waiting in the wings. Any good? Who knows! Some will be extremely good, while others may well have arrived in Rome on the same flight as you and be embarking upon their new career as paid for by you, too.

The rogue "companies" they represent operate in the knowledge that with two dozen illegal promoters and a couple of unlicensed guides, it's possible to pocket several thousand euros in a matter of hours. Keep your head down at the pedestrian crossings where Via Leone VI meets Viale Vaticano, or you'll be coerced into paying for a Vatican tour to forget.

If you choose not to book our Vatican tours online, any number of personable, proficient, and licensed Vatican tour guides can be found in or close to our offices on Via Sebastiano Veniero 21 between 08:30 AM and 16:00 PM Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

Published on May 8th, 2014
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