Train from Roma Termini

Get your ticket, watch your back

I wrote an article about Roma Termini station on our WordPress Rome blog a few years ago. To my surprise, several officious readers, who live nowhere near Rome, strongly disagreed with my opinions. I am delighted to report that Termini now is exactly as I predicted then, a hellish introduction to the Eternal City for tourists, and a dirty, dangerous, final destination for poverty-struck male migrants from north Africa and Asia. How many of them carry disease? How many of them have a criminal record? Who, if anyone, is checking these new arrivals?

Pickpockets, prostitutes, and pushy street sellers feed on tourists at Termini 24/7. They are relentless. It is necessary to report, however, that when I last used Termini station (to reach Lviv via Vienna & Budapest), the shady individual who took a liking to my luggage was Italian. His accomplice was Italian, too. Aggressive, mildly inebriated Italian #1 attempted to "help" me as I was "new to Rome" (no mate, I moved to Villa Claudia, Anzio, in 2003), while his geldyng waited in the wings. Their stupefyingly inane behaviour irked me. Within 60 seconds they were told to "**** off" which they duly did.

It is clear that a great many human traffickers, random lowlife, impoverished homeless, drug dealers, users, and alcohol abusers inhabit Roma Termini station, as is the case with every main transport hub in every major city, but why is so little being done to cure said terminal ills in Rome? State Police (Polizia di Stato) Trade Union ANIP Italia Sicura reports that 50% of CCTV cameras at Termini do not work, yet 100 pickpockets are still arrested there every day.

I won't advance any solutions, as there are none. Out of control immigration and imported criminal elements will continue to force thousands of arabs to Roma Termini. North African and Middle Eastern males knock around Termini day and night, they have no money and no food so chances are they'll think about relieving you of your suitcase, wallet etc. Most of them are not career criminals, they're just desperate, as if that's any kind of excuse.

Ticket machines "downstairs" are "owned" by Roma families (gypsies). Their women, forever pregnant, occupy each machine and offer to "help" tourists press two buttons in pidgin English - for a fee. Their main job, however, is to clock purses and wallets. When said beauties catch sight of your cash they call their brothered up boyfriends. Do not doubt that danger is lurking nearby.

Avoid eye contact with juvenile delinquents. If you waver, expect to be followed and at least pestered for money. There is a small army of displaced youths who call Termini home, all of whom have been either trafficked or abandoned. Over and out.

Published on July 24th, 2014
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