The reality of Roma Termini B&Bs

Don't get what you pay for

Welcome to the injurious world of Roma Termini bed and breakfasts! Booking dotcom, Hostelworld dotcom, Hostelbookers dotcom, Hellhole dotcom, BEWARE! They all profit from hovels known as "Rome B&B's". Rome has by far the worst and most expensive bed and breakfasts in the known multiverse. If you want real grot, those close to Termini station will not disappoint. Read on.

The first irritant is lack of 24 hour reception. I know of only one Rome B&B which provides this essential service. The rest don't give a damn, or at best hire some poor unfortunate who invariably sleeps on the job on extremely low pay. Check the Rome B&B link to avoid this unedifying scenario.

The second bone of contention is somewhat more fundamental, light years away from what one might reasonably expect having paid in the region of 50 euros per night for a "budget" berth. Expect to be disrespected by way of lampshades hanging loosely from the ceiling, a missing toilet seat, all manner of odious whiffs emanating from sink, bowl, and pan, exposed electrical sockets, a dodgy wi-fi connection, wafer-thin walls, and unnaturally selected persons unknown residing in the same building (with whom you must share the elevator), which may or may not include transgendered street workers.

The third hidden is that most Roma Termini bed and breakfast owners are "in cahoots", they're old hands at scams and they routinely "pass the parcel", parcel meaning paying customers when availability has "changed". Book the Rome B&B of your choice having read all the reviews, then swallow the bitter pill of having to bed bug down somewhere else. Bonus points if your replacement B&B has a receptionist when you check in for the second time.

On a happier note, having stayed at When In Rome B&B as an impartial customer and Rome observer, none of the above unacceptable situations were in evidence. When in Rome...

Published on April 17th, 2014
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