The art of touring apart

Beg to differ

Standards, expectations, reputation. Every tour booking engages and connects several people, each of whom must work in tandem in order to guarantee a good experience for the client. It's a process which can be dressed up in so many different ways, but communication, confirmation, organisation, service delivery and fulfillment must be adhered to in every case. This is the modus operandi of every tour operator.

So what sets one Rome tour operator apart from the rest?

Response time is paramount, as many potential clients draw up a shortlist of tour providers and will more often than not side with the one which replies first. A polite and courteous telephone manner is equally important. Read call centre training manual - every tour operator needs one. The written word? Absolutely. There is no margin for error in e-mails sent from tour operator admins to potential clients. Having had access to the e-mail accounts of half a dozen tour operators in Rome down the years, it disappoints me to report that weak grammar and weaker spelling, with scant regard for message structure and no attempt to correct typos before clicking "send" is the norm. Implement a training plan, monitor staff progress, rate performance and productivity, identify the weakest link. Re-train or replace in the name of service standards.

Transacting online must be a seamless process for clients. It is of the essence to notify them of booking confirmation as soon as is reasonably possible following payment.

The logistics of tour management revolve around guide scheduling, but what really sets one Rome tour operator apart from the rest is quality of Rome or Vatican tour guide, which boils down to individual prowess, personality, and experience.

Online reviews remark upon tour guide competence and delivery of information, rather than the booking process per se, although our admins are occasionally lauded on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google+ etc. Positive feedback on respected travel and tourism websites is a confidence builder for tour guides and tour operators alike. Great tour guides in Rome will eventually gravitate to a great tour operator, which benefits each and every client at the end of the line. Thereafter, points are accumulated, names and reputations made. All we need now is a guide called Martin, Marc. When in Rome...

Published on July 2nd, 2014
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