Something to do

Is there?

Depeche Mode called it back in 1984 and Martin Gore's plea still rings true, especially when I am in Rome wondering and worrying about tourists, either before or after their Rome sightseeing activities.

Strolling around Rome's ancient streets, piazzas, and fountains is of course a delight for all. Pitfalls open up when exhaustion takes over, when tired tourists turn to Rome's watering holes or sit outside table traps for rest and refreshment.

Without flogging a dead horse, the vast majority of bars and restaurants in Rome's centro storico will fleece tourists as a matter of routine. We've done this to death over at When In Rome Tours dotnet, so have a look there when you're done here.

Rome has a rich and vibrant music scene, boasting several dozen big commercial clubs to appease the masses, about half as many good live music venues, and several hundred "cultural associations", meaning two or three room hovels with a middling sound system masquerading as a club whenever someone turns up with a few euros. I've never seen a tourist in a Rome club of any kind, let alone a hit and hope culturally associative non-entity, perhaps because most of them are stashed away in Roman suburbs known only to feral locals and their dodgy mates. So how to find a place in Rome where you can wind down and listen to your favourite tunes? Instead of typing a long list of all the places I know in Rome, search for "Init Roma", "Blackout Rock Club Roma", "Metamorfosi Club", and "Circolo degli Artisti" on Facebook. Check them out, and if you want to dig a little deeper, there'll be kind souls there happy to point you in the right direction.

Judging by the large number of tourists who have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the vicinity of Termini station, it seems that very few of them have the presence of mind to buy a train ticket to one of the many scenic towns near Rome. Anzio, Bracciano, and Frascati can all be visited for c. €8 both ways. In these pretty Roman towns, one can feast on food and wine with spectacular views all around. The thought of dining on pavements around Roma Termini, knowing that the area fills up with thieves and prostitutes after dark makes me gag and I feel duty-bound to advise!

Food, drink, music - these are the things we enjoy above all when we're at home with our friends, and there is no reason why tourists can't enjoy more of the same when in Rome.

Published on May 4th, 2014
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