Sightseeing in Rome after dark

I hear colours black and red

"Illuminated Rome", "Rome at dusk", "Rome by night". These are the names of tours sold by all and sundry which more or less offer a stroll through ancient Rome at sunset.

Without any shadow of doubt, one of the most important considerations as regards touring in Rome is timing. There are particular times of day when it is not advisable to be inside the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Vatican Museums, simply because sheer volume of other people engaging in the same activity as you will compromise the experience.

The solution is to take walking tours in the day to learn about the history and archaeology of Rome with your guide, then return to each location after hours to enjoy personal space and relative tranquility.

Orientation and a wealth of extra information is guaranteed on an evening tour of Rome after touring Rome by day. Costs thereof are often less, duration being around the two hour mark rather than three, with no entrance admission tickets required.

One must highlight the fact, however, that many Rome tour entities (I hesitate to refer to them as anything more substantial) offer free evening walks of Rome which they use to cross-sell more expensive day time tours. Instead of providing a guide, you'll find yourself being led by a sales person. Free is no guarantee of quality, as many people who book free Rome tours will tell you.

On our "Rome after Dark" tour, you will be accompanied by a fully licensed, local expert guide who leads day time tours of Rome too as a matter of course. The quality of our after hours Rome tour is of the same very high standard as our other small group Rome walks.

Published on June 24th, 2014
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