Rome sightseeing in Spring

Rome tours for wise owls

Rome sightseeing in stifling heat can be a challenge. Trend analysis of direct bookings between 2010 and 2013 indicates that people are taking their Roman holiday earlier year on year. The increase of tourists arriving in Rome between March and May 2012 was significantly greater than between June and September.

For newcomers to Rome, the heat traps in July and August are more often than not in the area between Trastevere, the Pantheon, and Piazza Venezia. A metro no-zone, buses packed to the rafters with migrant workers speeding by in every direction, and a dearth of "nasoni" (water fonts), most tourists decide to bite the bullet, buy bottled water, and walk.

Historical weather in Rome last year as provided by WeatherSpark shows a very warm and rainless Spring. All the signs thus far are that this year is nigh on the same. Not quite as warm, but certainly as pleasant.

July and August Rome is a sweltering city without compare, the winding cobbled streets of our centro storico are occupied by armies of tourists and defiant tour groups. Every corner becomes a contest, a mêlée between bar owners, restaurant waiters, street sellers, and all manner of global musicians peddling international sounds of middling quality.

Picture Rome in the months of March and April. Not quite bluebells and waterfalls, but it's a different city when the sun illuminates rather than irritates. Visitors wander freely, queues for venues are slight, and the push and shove of mass tourism done to by death by keyboard heroes on misery websites like TripAdvisor in absentia.

It goes without saying that when it is cooler, tourists have more "pizzaz", more "get up and go", which opens up a realm of possibilities. Trips outside Rome to the beautiful and historical towns of Frascati and Tivoli can be realized without a second thought.

A relaxing half hour drive to Frascati for vineyard walks and a rustic lunch with Rome wine tasting is a great way to wind down from Vatican tour sightseeing.

The prospect of garden walks through the spectacular ruins of Hadrian's Villa and magnificence of Villa d'Este will appeal to everyone. A day trip from Rome to Tivoli should be high on your to-do list.

To get the best experience from a week in Rome, we recommend that you arrive any time between the ends of February and May. For more information about Rome sightseeing, Vatican tours, and much more about the most beautiful city in the world, browse our Rome tours website.

Published on March 17th, 2014
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