Rome at dusk

Illuminated Rome Walk

Rome is ever transforming. Not in terms of architecture or history, tradition or pride. Not in terms of intrigue or magnificence - those elements will never change. However, as the hours of the day shift from late to later, the city takes on a new atmosphere completely.

The cobblestone streets of the Eternal City seem to glow at dusk. As the vibrating energy of day subsides and the blanket of darkness nears, Rome hangs suspended. Here, the city can exhale for a few calm moments as the light slips away. The daily brag of the summer sun finally eases and a sweet breeze tickles the necks and knees of evening wanderers. Freckled street lamps glint along the river and lead the way home through the maze of winding alleys.

As locals return from their passeggiatas and tourists meander through unchartered backstreets, only a few take an extra second, glance, breath to simply be in that moment. To be in Italy - in Rome - in that alleyway wedged between two walls of chipping lemon yellow that seem to touch the cloudless blue above. Only a few surrender to the wonder of Rome at dusk for just a moment between the ticks of the minute hand. For individuals and lovers, visitors and natives, that simple intentional act makes all the difference.

Published on July 4th, 2016
© When In Rome Tours, article provided by Katharine Carroll.

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