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Some weeks ago we had a look at which of our Rome and Vatican tour guides were getting the most reviews and why. The results were interesting. Guides who routinely ask clients to write about their tour experience either on-site or on TripAdvisor topped the list. Those who never ask, and are therefore reviewed on merit, lagged behind their more anticipatory colleagues. However, in no way does this detract from their knowledge or ability. These "quiet" guides are generally accorded a different kind of review, one which carries more weight for people who book Rome tours on the back of recent customer comments and feedback.

It is difficult for an outsider to distinguish between spontaneous reviews and those which have been requested directly by guides. Single paragraph reviews which refer to a guide once or twice by name are indicative of a "requested" review. We know who requests reviews, and we know who does not. Either way, the cumulative effect of positive reviews on-site, on TripAdvisor, and elsewhere, is uniformly beneficial.

Many Rome tour guides obsess over reviews and I understand their plight, until the time comes when they turn review hunting into a personal crusade. Every guide wants to build a reputation online, they want to see their name on the printed page web-wide, not only lowly TripAdvisor.

Less than 1% of people who have toured with When In Rome Tours return to our website or TripAdvisor to review the experience. It's a depressing statistic. Our guides are issued with review request cards, but it's not compulsory to carry them. The end result, however, is balanced reviews. An encouraging mix of requested and spontaneous feedback which reflects well on our service.

If we could reach out to 5%, or even 10%, it would make a world of difference to our online reputation. We will surpass the 1,000 reviews mark on TripAdvisor this month and aim to make a feedback splash on Google+, Yelp, and on-site tour pages in 2015.

Published on July 21st, 2014
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