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Touring Pompeii

I have been to Pompeii on several occasions, it's the sort of place that whenever you go, you discover something new, something that you didn't see the last time. It's full of surprises and little details that if you didn't know where to look for them, would never be found. That's why a top quality tour guide will open up this old city and reveal it's secrets. Little things like 'Beware of the Dog' mosaic, or the rather rude graffiti in the town's brothel, not to mention the almost perfectly preserved frescos and paintings in the private dwellings. You can still see the ruts in the narrow streets where the carts would be driven through the complex one-way system, and at the shop entrances where they slid their doors shut after business had closed for the day. You can see toilets in the private houses, a ladder and bucket that were left behind by fleeing painters. Don't forget about the amphitheatre at the far end of the city, the earliest example of it's kind in the world. It's 150 years older than the Colosseum.

Many citizens of Pompeii actually escaped the eruption in 79AD, the volcano had been sending out pre-warning rumblings for weeks before, but the fact that they left so quickly, taking as much as they possibly could with them, leaves a somewhat haunting reminder of what actually happened during those fateful days. It is easy to imagine what it would have been like back then, it really is as if you are travelling back in time. Even the bodies of some of those poor unfortunates who remained have been preserved, their actual expressions on their faces perfectly captured, albeit in plaster of Paris, as they lost their lives in the chaos around them. Nowadays, it's a very peaceful place to visit, the thousands of tourists who come tend to wander around in silence, trapped in their own imagination, piecing together what it would have been like, all the while under the constant, menacing gaze of Mount Vesuvius as it towers above. It may be five or so miles away, but it looks very big and powerful all the same.

Getting to Pompeii from Rome couldn't be easier, the 'When in Rome' Pompeii tour includes a driver who will pick you up from your hotel and bring you back again after the tour has finished, if time permits you'll be driven down the spectacular Amalfi coast for wonderful views of the Gulf of Naples.

Published on July 12th, 2013
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