Peaks and troughs

Stop start seasons

Acts of God, air disasters, World Cup football, Royal Weddings, rigged elections, Russian warmongering. All of these and more put the mockers on direct and partner website bookings. When the world is in flames, when big money balls are being kicked, when bullets are flying, the masses care not about tours and tourism online. At times like these, the best of us must take a quick but painful punch in the proverbials and learn all about being at rock bottom. It's a rite of passage on repeat. Deeply agitating, absolutely unavoidable.

So what to do when natural disasters (+ football, weddings, and Russians) are upon us? Twiddle thumbs and wait for calmer waters? No. Remember those Boss guitar pedals in the 80's? "Turbo Distortion" was a favourite of mine and it's a fair description of how far we push the envelope when wider world events impact upon small business.

One easily forgettable void was recent, namely Brazil 2014 when the world stopped and it's web followed suit soon after as TV took over. Time allocated to bedrock web work during the World Cup tournament took precedence, an inevitable scenario when one bears in mind the fact that we're all football fans on the quiet. The chances of someone or several people taking their eye off the ball was high in June and earlier this month.

Big business will turn the screw as regards frequency of global sports events in future years. However unpleasant the prospect for time-served sports fans and tour operators alike (it will affect demand for Vatican tours and guided Rome sightseeing at some juncture), the likelihood of change to our schedule is less than zero. Perish the thought of sport impacting upon one's appreciation of history, art, and archaeology!

When Six Nations Rugby comes calling we rarely see rugger fans on our walking tours. Irish pubs in Rome, however, are bursting at the seams, like the roly-poly people they serve.

Published on July 16th, 2014
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