For the love of Rome

Personal differences aside

Born and bred, dyed-in-the-wool Romans are fiercely partisan, proud and protective of their city, and it's easy to understand why. At the other end of the extreme, we have random acts of pontification on our When in Rome Facebook page from community members who have visited Rome once, maybe twice. Their rants tarnished our reputation and were tantamount to subversion. A handful of wanton perpetrators were summarily, temporarily banned, and i'd like to take this opportunity to explain why.

Social media, the universal platform from which randoms can launch protracted assaults on unsuspecting web professionals, is as much a curse as a cure for tactical marketeers. It is our right to post on our social media pages. Pages we created, pages we continue to develop and maintain. Some recent comments from underlings have crawled out from the back of beyond and it is our duty to erase them.

The overwhelming majority of our 11,000 Facebook fans are saintly. They like, they comment, and occasionally they share what we write with good humour and a smile, peppering our posts with enlightening facts and figures about their experiences in and opinions of Rome. There is a hardcore group of responders and we are as fanatical about them as they are of us.

From time to time, people take umbrage at what we type. They want to fight about something they have read and taken a dishevelled dislike to. Trigger factors? Read on.

Rome can intoxicate and invigorate, it's a roller coaster ride for those who were born here, let alone first time and returning visitors. Recent comments by the latter in response to several important and objective posts about Roma gypsies, beggars, and related criminal ilk gave cause for concern. Several do-gooders interpreted thievery and thuggery as "making ends meet". Inevitably, their ignorant stupidity was dealt with.

Next steps? Lifting bans on repeat offenders, strict moderation of responders - easily done. Psychosocial assessment of vitriol? Unlikely. Negative contributions and snide connotations serve only to compromise the posts and pictures we upload in good faith to benefit our community.

We'll hard wire a brand spanking new comments section to all our articles in a short while. The handful of trolls we inadvertently unearthed will no doubt be jumping up and down in their burrow to learn that said section will be unmoderated. Enjoy.

Published on August 16th, 2014
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