Feckless in Rome

Welcome to the world of stupid

It was a comment from the other side on our Facebook page which caused me to suffer a temporary loss of faith in fellow man.

There is no doubt that people who visit Rome have very different opinions as regards whether or not the interpretation of architecture, sculpture, and paintings has relevance in daily life. I was taken aback, however, when one of our FB likers described Rome as "quite interesting", but not interesting enough to warrant a stay of more than a few days. Shortly thereafter I was mortified to learn that said liker owns a Creative Media agency, surely a field in which players have a deep appreciation of art in it's many forms.

It is impossible to walk away from Rome with a fairly in-depth understanding of the city after several months, let alone several days. The scale and the scope of centuries of tumult which have since shaped so many traditions and cultures, too much to take in for even the finest intellectual minds entrenched in Rome and Roman history. Many people visit Rome for many different reasons; holiday, work, change of life direction. A great many never leave for fear of missing out on the buzz of being in Rome and surrounded by immeasurable history. The attention span and willingness to learn of visitors to Rome is and always shall be an unknown quantity, suffice it to say that those who pay for the services of a Rome tour guide are those with whom we can relate to and understand.

The time people have available to swan around cities in Europe or elsewhere is another matter entirely. Time dictated by economy, time dictated by family obligations, time dictated by at least half a dozen other life responsibilites which can collectively contrive to waylay even the most intrepid traveller. What grates is when someone writes on a travel page about Rome (our travel page about Rome, which commands an audience of nigh on 15,000 followers) that such a magnificent city, our city, brimful of fascinating history, art, and archaeology at every turn, is "quite interesting".

Perhaps like another page, Sir. Like who knows where in the world is worth visiting for more than a couple of days. Rome has a positive, life-affirming effect on everyone who visits with eyes and mind wide open. We work in a beautiful and ancient city, Caput Mundi!

Published on October 19th, 2014
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