Extreme makeover Termini station

82 million euros

Construction began today at Termini Station in Rome to create a massive parking structure that will accommodate 1,400 cars and 180 motorbikes. When finished, Termini station in Rome will be the first station to have a parking lot that is built on top of it's train platforms.

Currently unable to accommodate the traffic of vehicles that transit around the station in conjunction with its 800 arrivals and departures each day, action was needed in order to render the station more accessible to visitors and to ease the traffic caused by cars illegally parked in the surrounding areas.

The renovation is expected to take four years, although it is not uncommon for projects like this to drag on endlessly in Italy.

During construction, much of the train, subway and bus traffic that is currently concentrated around Termini Station will be transferred over to Tiburtina Station, the second largest train station in Rome. Tiburtina lies four metro stops going Northeast from Termini Station.

The construction could have a huge impact on hotels near Termini Station, as much of the appeal of staying in the Termini Station area had to do with the convenience of having all the city transport connections nearby for sightseeing in Rome.

It is unlikely that the Tiburtina area could become a hub for Rome hotels, as sightseeing in Rome gets a bit difficult given that there is no direct metro access for Vatican tours (Tiburtina is on metro line B, while the Vatican is closest to metro line A). Tourists heading across the city for Vatican Tours would be wise to choose a hotel located elsewhere on Metro line A such as the Barberini or Spanish steps area.

Published on May 23rd, 2009
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