Discovering street art in Rome

Sometimes there can be a fine line between art and vandalism in Rome

Rome is a city that is undoubtedly covered in all kinds of graffiti. A building in some parts of the city can hardly hold a fresh coat of paint for a week without some sort of political slander or other nonsense being sprayed on its sides. However, this vandalism seems to be turning a new leaf as the very vandals themselves are choosing to turn their works into something more creative. Art!

Street art, while in no way is something new to Europe, is beginning to show up more and more right here in Rome. From stencil art and wheatpasting, to video projections and poster art, Street art as a whole is beginning to show a prominent presence on the walls of Rome. While vandalism usually has no real meaning, street art is creative, clever, fun to look at, and in some cases, extremely valuable. Some well known artists even have their own galleries. Take a look around the next time you’re sightseeing in Rome, keep an eye out for what you may find to be not just your average graffitti, but street art.

Published on March 13th, 2009
© When In Rome Tours, article provided by Sammy Pontrelli.

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