Devil's advocate

Optical rush

Playing Devil's advocate, it's become a key component of my virtual work and space-time continuum. How have things come to this? As many writers and academics will tell you, those of us who play this particular game as a matter of routine are considered by others to be logical and analytical people, or, as any psychology website will tell you, of the ENTP personality type. Having read through a good few articles about ENTPs, of which I am one, it is clear that a crusade of sorts has come to pass, a temporal obsession with identifying which areas of my personality are of unequivocal benefit to specific areas of my work.

It all began with hand coding back in 1998, line by line analysis of what at the time was simplistic code. Several years later, when websites were monetizing, a phrase popped up from overuse of the adorable Fatbits utility. "Pixel perfect" now describes any code (or other) job which demands absolute precision. I have fallen out with half a dozen graphic designers in Rome and elsewhere due to blatant disregard and / or misunderstanding of the simple concept of horizontal and vertical alignment, for example. High prices were paid for inaccurate work which left me high and dry, a world away from optimal, far, far away from the standards required by any web professional, let alone an ENTP. Careless coders and inattentive graphic persons unknown have pushed me to the brink, so here I am or here we are, in our virtual world of pixel perfection.

What are the benefits of carrying the ENTP personality can in the business of Rome tours and Vatican tourism? Let it be said that assiduousness is not a recognized ENTP trait, although it should be. ENTPs begin projects but allegedly "never finish them", some say they have an inability to look at the short term, an aversion to the drag of day-to-day, preferring instead to consider "the bigger picture". There is no doubt that ENTP personality types see green for go writ large when opportunities arise to found and develop projects, which in all likelihood will never end. Hell will freeze over, however, if none of them come good in good time post-inception. Successful projects remain in a perpetual phase of development.

Another fascinating and considered to be negative characteristic of the ENTP personality type is dislike of schedules and routine. This is fallacy, there is no better time to work than when one sees fit, be it nine o'clock in the morning or sleepless before dawn. I trust that every business professional with a history of programming and web marketing is of the same opinion! We know we are

Published on July 12th, 2015
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