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We don't love TripAdvisor, their inherently flawed system makes it child's play for rogues to trap unwary tourists with fake reviews, tourists who end up paying cash on the street for an illegal, black market walk through ancient Rome. Our page on TripAdvisor Rome is a necessary evil, the difference being that reviews of our tours and Rome tour guides are genuine. We do our best to buck the trend.

Genuine reviews on TA are fun to read, especially where Rome bus tours are concerned. None of the companies get it right, or seem to want to get it right. Year after year we see them floundering at the wrong end of TripAdvisor's Rome popularity index, but why are they all so consistently bad? What happened to the erstwhile standard business practice of auditing service provision?

The area between Termini station and Piazza Esquilino is great if you live here, a lottery if you don't. Everyone has an eye for the main chance and your money matters most, or not at all as the case may be. Small armies of untrained "promoters", many from Bangladesh on €1 commission per person, gather hundreds of tourists and shovel them on to sweat box buses, promising "the best of Rome". What best of Rome? The worst of Rome is the best they'll get.

Anything from €20 to €30 will leave you in the incapable hands of a "guide" who has less than a clue about less than the bare bone basics of Roman history, a driver at war with and at the mercy of Rome city centre's incredibly stressful traffic, unexpectedly long "breaks" in between buses (you'll be left stranded from time to time), and audio systems which crackle, that's if they work at all.

I see this exploitation more or less every day, but yesterday's experience prompted this article. I overheard a group of American tourists being sold a Rome "hop on hop off" bus tour by a guy from Bangladesh who could barely speak English. He did, however, manage to inform them that the ride included a drive into the Vatican museums!

So, check out the companies below and remember, when in Rome, walk as the Romans do, or if you really dislike exercise, buy a regular daily bus / metro / tram pass to move around Rome for a couple of euros from any paper shop (look for "T" for "Tabaccaio" above the entrance), or any metro station. If you want to ruin your Roman Holiday, join a hop on hop off Rome bus tour!

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Published on July 22nd, 2013
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