Booking Rome tours online

Reviews, reputation, cost?

Some do, most don't, everyone should.

These days, and I am writing in June 2014, somewhere in the region of 20+ new Rome tourism websites are published each month. Who is behind them? It's quite common for individual Rome tour guides to go it alone having fallen out with the agency for whom they used to work. Webmasters recently moved to Rome and looking to get ahead in the world of Rome and Vatican tours are also responsible. Hit and hope randoms pay freelancers to cobble together a website then call themselves a tour operator soon after, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Are these entities and individuals tax payers with a license to trade? Rome tour guides, probably, yes. The rest? Most certainly not. If you are browsing the net for a Rome tours website, look out for a Rome tour operator license number, an insurance policy number, and a physical office address. These three details will serve to reassure before you check tour reviews and cost.

Warning signs to be wary of include web page footers which include text similar or identical to "registered in Ireland" (yes, of course you are), a street address in Dublin, Ireland, or a post office box number. While a small number of Rome tour websites do trade legally from Ireland to pay less tax than if they were registered in Italy, most of them are illegal. Avoid said cowboy majority, they contribute nothing to Rome and people who pay them for tours are inadvertently supporting the decline of temples, churches, and monuments in dire need of funding. Rome tour websites which dodge tax damage Rome.

Provincia di Roma estimates that 300,000 euros in untaxed revenue disappears daily. Police monitors can identify law breakers at street level by issuing microchipped ID cards to licensed guides which can be scanned from several hundred metres away.

Having chosen a reputable company, what next? Small group tours in Rome cost more or less the same whoever you book with. Every provider must cover the cost of entrance admission tickets for clients, and every provider adds a fee on top for the tour per se, difference being that licensed Rome tour operators with a customer service center + rest room + refreshments + wi-fi, a la mode de When In Rome Tours, make life more comfortable for people who book Vatican tours online. Our skip the line guarantee creates a preferable scenario to that of waiting on a street corner for a guide with whom you will wait in the long public line before entering the Vatican Museums. If you are caught inside the museums with an unlicensed guide, your tour will be broken up by security and you may lose some of the money you paid.

The same level of professionalism or lack thereof also applies to tours of the Colosseum and ancient Rome. A reputable provider will confirm your tour with start time and meeting point information. Your guide will already have your tickets. Disreputable providers will connect you with an unlicensed guide senza biglietti. He or she will walk you to a ticket point where you may or may not have to pay extra, and then escort you into the Colosseum or Roman Forum.

The most irritating aspect of having to compete with illegal Rome tour websites is the considerable matter of private tours. As they don't pay tax, it's easy for them to charge much less than taxed and licensed Rome tour operators. If you wish to harm Rome by booking a private tour with cowboys, having been sucked in by a half-baked website and several hundred self-penned TripAdvisor reviews, go ahead in the knowledge that you will be personally responsible for contributing to the problem of black market tourism in Rome. Something to think about before you book Rome tours online.

Published on June 16th, 2014
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