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Ticket brokers, oh yes they make money. Mark ups, booking fees, you name it potential for profit is high, especially online. It's a case of any which way but lose, for them. And for the consumer? Things can get pricey and relations feisty over the vast grey area known to humanity as "face value".

In so far as Vatican tickets are concerned, Rome tour operators take care of them independently and there are no profit margins. Money is made from the tour per se. There is nothing to be gained by profiteering therefrom when they are offered as part of a walking tour. The same applies to Colosseum tickets or Coliseum tickets, depending on where you went to school.

Anyone can check Vatican museum ticket prices with a little bit of web research. Somewhere out there in nowhereland, zealous souls book their own Vatican tickets and take it upon themselves to self-guide, something we cannot recommend. On rare occasions we do receive clients who have pre-booked their own tickets, but they are in the extreme minority.

The big question is, however, do other Rome tour operators profit from reselling Vatican tickets? In general, no they don't, but we've been made aware of several dozen instances when tourists have paid for standing room during a Papal audience, which is of course gratis. It's even free to book seats at a Papal audience! Ticket touts hanging around the Colosseum is something we haven't seen yet. Woe betide the day it comes and those who partake. We already have a shortlist of probable culprits.

When in Rome and in need of tickets to enter the Vatican Museums or Colosseum, we'll sort you out with both as an adjunct to a walking tour of the highest quality. We're also on hand if you need advice about procuring tickets for the theatre, football, other museums, galleries, and exhibitions. At face value of course.

Published on June 4th, 2014
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