A Roman holiday

All roads lead to Rome

If you're looking for the perfect European city to head towards this year by taking advantage of the cheap flights on offer to you, then the Italian capital Rome could be right for you. With an iconic cityscape, its landmarks are known and admired by countless millions all over the globe. They come here year on year just to see the beauty of the famous ancient city, to immerse themselves in the local culture which has left its mark on civilizations far beyond its own borders, and the great sense of history they find all around when they step off the plane.

If you want to explore the incredible history of the city, the ancient cradle of civilization itself, then all around you'll be able to find something that will spark your imagination. The climate is perfect for truly enjoying yourself too, its Mediterranean location and lifestyle making it a wonderful place to spend a nice, relaxing holiday.

Whilst the high tourist season is always a popular time of year for tourists, many prefer to head there slightly earlier - around May or June - or in September, when the buzz has died down slightly. Peak season is busy and very hot, as well as expensive, so heading to Rome at a different time may well give you a more enjoyable, less stressful experience, and at a lower cost.

Rome's imperial monuments always draw the crowds. The Colosseum and the Circus Maximus are popular with visitors, whilst the city's green spaces provide a pleasant opportunity for respite. You can while away your spare holiday hours at areas like the Villa Celimontana behind the Colosseum, and enjoy the retreat.

Indeed in the summer this little piece of paradise comes alive, with live jazz performed at the park's outdoor bar. It is rather more on the expensive side for the city, but worth spending money simply to indulge in the atmosphere and the lovely scenery.

Why not pay a visit to the River Tiber's island "Isola Tiberina", where you'll find real excitement, with good bars and nice spots along the shore for pleasant strolls, not to mention an outdoor cinema where you can enjoy the evenings in the warm months.

The island is a great place to head, situated ideally close to Trastevere, making it within easy reach to the local hotels.

One of the most iconic and easily recognised cities you will find anywhere in the world, Rome is a splendid city with so much to offer. The city is well serviced by low-cost airlines such as Monarch who offer holidays to Italy, as well as cheap flights worldwide.

Published on July 3rd, 2009
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